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 .22 CALIBRE loaded up in the summer of '05 and has been rocking Western, NY ever since. 

Jesse Benker- Lead Vocals

Jesse is the lead singer for 22 CALIBRE.  Besides looking good in tight jeans, he's got some great vocals as well.  He enjoys PeeWee Herman movies, long legs, dirty laundry, puppies, and blue icicles.  He's currently the president of the Richard Gere and Eddie Money fan clubs and thinks that vitamins smell like Coco Puffs.  Jesse's life-long dream is to become a cruise ship break-dancer.  This musician has rocked the United States as well as Europe and will "Rock you like a Hurricane"!








Donny Benker- Lead guitar, vocals

Donny B. is 22 Calibre's lead guitarist & backing vocalist.   Formerly, Don has played in original bands: Southpaw and Rhomplin.  While influenced by guitar idols including: Slash, Zach Wylde, George Lynch, and Randy Rhoades, this Buffalo icon has his created own style of play.  He also holds the honor of Guitar Center's 2003 Guitarmaggedon Champion of Buffalo.  With warp-speed solos and soul-filled licks, Donny B. will drop your jaw and leave you wanting more!







Amanda B.- Bass Guitar

Amanda may be your girl-next-door by day, but she's a RoCkStaR by night. 

After playing some serious violin for 20 years, Amanda decided to take her classical background to a new level: RoCk!  Thus, Amanda traded in her tiny violin for a big, bad bass and hooked up with 22 CALIBRE.  

Boys pick your jaws up off the floor and concentrate on the music, this chick can play!






Nick Plant- Drums

Nick Plant plays the drums like no other.  He hits harder than Tyson in his glory days and brings sick beats and insane drum fills to every show! Nick joined the ranks of  22 CALIBRE after playing drums in U2 cover band Vertigo.






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